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Planning application search results

This page displays a list of the Planning application search results.

You can also search using our online map which will link directly to any planning applications decided and in progress (the map is updated every 24 hours).

If you need assistance searching for an application then help is available by contacting the Planning Department.

Select the application number to see more details.

Application number Received date Valid date Site location Proposal Decision Decision date
DOC/2021/0086 24/08/2021 24/08/2021 55, School Lane, Caverswall, Staffordshire, ST11 9EN Discharge of conditions 2, 3 and 4 relating to SMD/2021/0204 Discharge of Conditions - Approved 07/09/2021
SMD/2021/0545 18/08/2021 18/08/2021 Land 1.25km West of, Lower Tean Village, Adjacent to, Lower Tean Leys Farm, EIA Screening Opinion Screening Opinion - EIA Not Required 08/09/2021
SMD/2021/0504 30/07/2021 30/07/2021 19, Kenley Avenue, Endon, Staffordshire, ST9 9HX Proposed Alteration and Extension Works to form new Principal Bedroom, Main Entrance, Sitting Room and Utility. Planning Permission - Approved 08/09/2021
SMD/2021/0496 28/07/2021 28/07/2021 Land at, Greenfields Farm, Thorney Edge Road, Bagnall, Staffordshire, ST9 9LA Proposed development: solar farm of approximately 1.5MW with energy storage capacity of up to 57MW on 4.25 hectares of land at Greenfields Farm, ST9 9LA Screening Opinion - EIA Not Required 10/09/2021
HNT/2021/0023 28/07/2021 28/07/2021 Rock Cottage, Bagnall Road, Bagnall, Staffordshire, ST9 9JY Proposed single storey side / rear extension measuring 5.40m beyond the rear wall of the original dwelling, 3.80m maximum height and 2.46m to height of eaves Householder Notification - Prior Approval Refused 08/09/2021
SMD/2021/0486 23/07/2021 23/07/2021 49, Craigside, Biddulph, Staffordshire, ST8 6BP Extension to the side of the property to provide ground floor bedroom for a disabled person Planning Permission - Approved 08/09/2021
SMD/2021/0469 16/07/2021 16/07/2021 Land East Of Sandfields, Kingsley Road, Cellarhead, Staffordshire, Resubmission of the previously refused application SMD/2021/0133 for the construction of 3No, two storey, detached houses in place of the 2No dormer bungalows previously approved under SMD/2019/0452 Planning Permission - Approved 10/09/2021
SMD/2021/0450 07/07/2021 13/07/2021 1, St Leonards Avenue, Ipstones, Staffordshire, ST10 2QD Extension and alterations to dwelling Planning Permission - Approved 07/09/2021
SMD/2021/0436 30/06/2021 05/07/2021 The Barn, Ringe Hay Farm, Basford Green Road, Basford, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 7ET Erection of side extension to provide kitchen extension Planning Permission - Refused 10/09/2021
DOC/2021/0059 07/06/2021 07/06/2021 Hodgefields Farm, Ladymoor Lane, Ladymoor Gate, Brown Edge, Staffordshire, ST6 8UD Discharge of condition 4 in relation to SMD/2019/0605 Discharge of Conditions - Approved 09/09/2021
SMD/2021/0371 04/06/2021 04/06/2021 Wellington Farm, Morridge Top Road, Bradnop, Staffordshire, ST13 7NG Proposed guest accommodation lodge in the existing field at Wellington Farm Planning Permission - Refused 10/09/2021
SMD/2021/0367 03/06/2021 03/06/2021 127, Ash Bank Road, Werrington, Staffordshire, ST2 9DS Proposed 2 Storey side extension. Planning Permission - Approved 10/09/2021
SMD/2021/0334 17/05/2021 01/07/2021 137, Armshead Road, Werrington, Staffordshire, ST9 0EL Proposed two-storey side extension, new roof structure and internal alterations. Planning Permission - Approved 08/09/2021
SMD/2021/0325 11/05/2021 11/05/2021 2, Church Terrace, Blythe Bridge Road, Caverswall, Staffordshire, ST11 9EA Proposed two storey / part single storey extension to rear to extend existing kitchen to form dining room with additional bedroom above Planning Permission - Approved 10/09/2021
SMD/2021/0322 10/05/2021 10/05/2021 French House, Cheadle Road, Alton, Staffordshire, ST10 4BH Alterations to existing window and door configuration on rear elevation to incorporate a section of roof glazing. Planning Permission - Approved 07/09/2021
SMD/2021/0305 04/05/2021 14/06/2021 Sandstones, Tompkin Road, Stanley, Staffordshire, ST9 9LX Proposed single storey rear extension Planning Permission - Approved 07/09/2021
NMA/2021/0016 30/04/2021 30/04/2021 Leek Town Football Club, Macclesfield Road, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 8LD Non material amendment in relation to SMD/2020/0024 Non Material Amendment - Approved 06/09/2021
SMD/2021/0272 13/04/2021 09/06/2021 Sky Cottage, Top Road, Biddulph Moor, Staffordshire, ST8 7JR Use of land for siting a tourist shepherd hut Planning Permission - Approved 10/09/2021
SMD/2021/0266 12/04/2021 12/04/2021 Flying Horse Inn, 130 Ashbourne Road, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 5BJ Demolition of public house and erection of 5no. dwellings Planning Permission - Approved 07/09/2021
SMD/2021/0205 24/03/2021 31/03/2021 55, School Lane, Caverswall, Staffordshire, ST11 9EN Proposed replacement signage Advertisement Consent - Approved 08/09/2021