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Planning application details

This page displays details of the selected application and its progress. The information and images are retrieved from the Council's Planning database. The scanning process takes place after the application has been validated, hence images for recent applications may not yet be displayed.

If the application has not been determined and provided it is before the consultation expiry date, you can use the Comment on this Application button to make representations on the proposal which will be forwarded to the Case Officer. Guidance is available for making comments on a planning application here.

For further information on how to view the working file, follow this link.

Please Note : The End of Public Consultation period date is based on the earliest date a decision can be made following public consultation on an application. This date is a live field and is updated throughout the application stage based on consultations, revised consultations, site notices and press advertisement dates, where required. Therefore this date is subject to change and if you are unsure or require further information you are advised to check with the Case Officer.

Application Details
Application number SMD/2014/0445 Application type Variation/Removal of Conditions
Site address Churchcroft, Blythe Bridge Road, Caverswall, Staffordshire, ST11 9EA Proposal Variation of Condition 2 of 13/00257/FUL_MJ; replacement drawings dealing with minor amendments to an approved proposal for the rection of 11 dwellings and associated garages and car parking with new access road.
Applicant name Mr Steve Cassie

Walton Homes
Agent name

CTD Architects
Applicant address Sandford Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS13 6QA Agent address Clerk Bank House, Leek, Staffordshire Moorlands, ST13 5HE
Application status Recommendation entered - Pending decision
Received date 02/07/2014 Valid date 22/07/2014
Fee due 0.00 Fee paid 195.00
Determination required date 16/09/2014 Agreed extended date 10/03/2015
Case Officer Robert Duckworth
Start of Public Consultation period 11/08/2014 End of Public Consultation period 24/09/2014
Referred to Secretary of State date Referral expiry date
Decision by Delegated Decision Committee date
Decision Planning Permission - Approved Decision Date 05/03/2015
Temp permission expiry date Permission expiry date
Legal Obligation ref.

Name Address
Caverswall Parish Council The Gables, 504, Weston Road, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire Moorlands, ST3 6QD
Transport Development Management C/o Staffordshire County Council, 3rd Floor, 1Staffordshire Place, Wedgwood Building, Tipping Street, ST16 2DH
SCC Education Department Principle School Organisation Officer, Staffordshire County Council, 6th Floor, Tipping Street, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST16 2DH
Severn Trent Water Ltd Network Development, Regis Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, WV6 8RU
English Heritage The Axis, 8th Floor East Wing, 10, Holliday Street, Birmingham, B1 1TG
Coal Authority Planning And Local Authority Liaison, 200, Lichfield Lane, Berry Hill, , Mansfield,, Notts, NG18 4RG
Cllr Paul Roberts Caverswall Ward,
Policy Forward Plan,
Ecology/Public Right Of Way
Conservation/LBC Conservation Officer,
Housing Strategy
Environmental Health Environmental Services,
Police Liaison Crime Reduction Unit

Attachments - Click the Description to view the attachment in a new window.
Date Description
11/08/2014 PT1-01 B plot 1 floor plans
11/08/2014 PT1-05 A plot 1 section B-B
11/08/2014 PT1-08 A Plot 1 chimney details
11/08/2014 PT1-10 A plot 1 elevations
11/08/2014 PT1-11 plot 1 windows
11/08/2014 PT1-12 plot 1 doors
11/08/2014 PT2-01 B plot 2 floor plans.
11/08/2014 PT2-05 A plot 2 section A-A
11/08/2014 PT2-10 A plot 2 elevations
11/08/2014 PT2-11 plot 2 windows
11/08/2014 PT2-12 plot 2 door details
11/08/2014 PT3-01 B plot 3 floor plans
11/08/2014 PT3-05 plot 3 section A-A.
11/08/2014 PT3-10 A plot 3 elevations
11/08/2014 PT3-11 plot 3 windows
11/08/2014 PT3-12 plot 3 door details
11/08/2014 PT4-01 B plot 4 floor plans
11/08/2014 PT4-05 plot 4 section A-A
11/08/2014 PT4-10 plot 4 elevations
11/08/2014 PT4-11 plot 4 window details.
11/08/2014 PT4-12 plot 4 door details
11/08/2014 PT5-01 B plot 5 floor plans
11/08/2014 PT5-05 plot 5 section A-A
11/08/2014 PT5-10 A plot 5 elevations
11/08/2014 PT5-11 plot 5 window details
11/08/2014 PT5-12 plot 5 door details
11/08/2014 PT6-01 B plot 6 floor plans
11/08/2014 PT6-05 plot 6 section A-A
11/08/2014 PT6-08 plot 6 chimney details
11/08/2014 PT6-10 A plot 6 elevations
11/08/2014 PT6-11 plot 6 windows
11/08/2014 PT6-12 plot 6 door details
11/08/2014 PT7-01 B plot 7 floor plans
11/08/2014 PT7-05 plot 7 section A-A.
11/08/2014 PT7-10A plot 7 elevations.
11/08/2014 PT7-11 plot 7 windows
11/08/2014 PT7-12 plot 7 door details
11/08/2014 PT8-01 B plot 8 floor plans
11/08/2014 PT8-05 plot 8 section B-B
11/08/2014 PT8-08 plot 8 chimney details.
11/08/2014 PT8-10 A plot 8 elevations
11/08/2014 PT8-11 plot 8 windows
11/08/2014 PT8-12 plot 8 door details
11/08/2014 PT9-01 B plot 9 floor plans
11/08/2014 PT9-05 plot 9 section B-B eaves
11/08/2014 PT9-08 plot 9 chimney details
11/08/2014 PT9-10 A plot 9 elevations.
11/08/2014 PT9-11 plot 9 window details.
11/08/2014 PT9-12 plot 9 door elevations
11/08/2014 PT10-01 B plot 10 floor plans
11/08/2014 PT10-05 plot 10 section A-A
11/08/2014 PT10-10 plot 10 elevations
11/08/2014 PT10-11 plot 10 window details
11/08/2014 PT10-12 plot 10 door details
11/08/2014 9 PT11-11 plot 11 window details.
11/08/2014 PT11-01 B plot 11 floor plans
11/08/2014 PT11-05 plot 11 section A-A
11/08/2014 PT11-10 A plot 11 elevations
11/08/2014 PT11-12 plot 11 door details.
11/08/2014 AL 01 site location plan.
11/08/2014 AL 02 A site plan as proposed.
11/08/2014 AL 03 A plot boundaries plan
11/08/2014 AL 04 A site plan planting proposals
11/08/2014 AL07Building Materials Board.
11/08/2014 CMAPS-CM-316461-5576-150414EDR
11/08/2014 AL08 Landscape Materials 1
11/08/2014 AL09 Landscape Materials 2
11/08/2014 Application Form
11/08/2014 CMAPS-CM-316461-5576-150414GEO.
11/08/2014 CMAPS-CM-316461-5576-150414HIS_largeScale
11/08/2014 CMAPS-CM-316461-5576-150414HIS_smallScale
11/08/2014 Report on Supplementary Contamination Assessment at Caversall
11/08/2014 R-S5362_201-202_ISSUE02
11/08/2014 Report at Church Croft Caverswall Staffordshire - GIP22235 - May 2014
11/08/2014 SKMBT_C28014072317480
05/03/2015 Decision Notice