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Planning application details

This page displays details of the selected application and its progress. The information and images are retrieved from the Council's Planning database. The scanning process takes place after the application has been validated, hence images for recent applications may not yet be displayed.

If the application has not been determined and provided it is before the consultation expiry date, you can use the Comment on this Application button to make representations on the proposal which will be forwarded to the Case Officer. Guidance is available for making comments on a planning application here.

For further information on how to view the working file, follow this link.

Please Note : The End of Public Consultation period date is based on the earliest date a decision can be made following public consultation on an application. This date is a live field and is updated throughout the application stage based on consultations, revised consultations, site notices and press advertisement dates, where required. Therefore this date is subject to change and if you are unsure or require further information you are advised to check with the Case Officer.

Application Details
Application number SMD/2012/1021 Application type Major Application - Full
Site address Plot 19 Victoria Business Park, Plot 19 Victoria Business Park, Tunstall Road, Staffordshire, Biddulph, Proposal Light Industrial Unit (Use Class B1) with associated parking, turning and landscaping
Applicant name J Beeson

Lothlorian Ltd
Agent name Mr B Wood

Microscript services Ltd
Applicant address Herald Drive, Crewe, Cheshire East, Agent address 5 Bromley Road, 5 Bromley Road, 5 Bromley Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire East, SK10 3LN
Application status Valid application received
Received date 28/09/2012 Valid date 25/01/2013
Fee due Fee paid
Determination required date 26/04/2013 Agreed extended date
Case Officer Rachael Simpkin
Start of Public Consultation period End of Public Consultation period
Referred to Secretary of State date Referral expiry date
Decision by Delegated Decision Committee date
Decision Planning Permission - Approved (Prior Oct 2013) Decision Date 18/02/2013
Temp permission expiry date Permission expiry date 18/02/2016
Legal Obligation ref.

Attachments - Click the Description to view the attachment in a new window.
Date Description
06/11/2012 D5249A drawing 10
06/11/2012 Settlement report
06/11/2012 Settlement report figure 9-11
06/11/2012 Dynamic Probe report
06/11/2012 Shallow mining investigation
06/11/2012 Site plan
06/11/2012 Application Form
06/11/2012 D5249A drawing 11
06/11/2012 D5249A drawing 7
06/11/2012 D5249A drawing 9
06/11/2012 Plan
06/11/2012 Dynamic Probe transects
06/11/2012 Mining Hazard drawing 19B
06/11/2012 Photos Part 1
06/11/2012 D5249A drawing 8
06/11/2012 D5249A Report
06/11/2012 Ecological assessment
06/11/2012 Ground stabilsation drawing 24
06/11/2012 Gas monitoring details
06/11/2012 Radon Measure site report
06/11/2012 Plans
06/11/2012 Settlement report Appendix A
06/11/2012 Protected Species report
06/11/2012 Settlement risk assessment drawing 1
06/11/2012 Settlement report figure 3-7
06/11/2012 Ground stabilsation drawing 23
06/11/2012 S2 drawing
06/11/2012 Settlement table
06/11/2012 Foundation survey drawing 12
06/11/2012 Dynamic Probe investigation drawing 15
06/11/2012 Foundation survey
06/11/2012 Stabalisation Report
06/11/2012 Ground stabilsation drawing 20
06/11/2012 Settlement report figure 2
06/11/2012 Photos Part 2
06/11/2012 elevations section and floor plan
06/11/2012 Mining Hazard drawing 20
06/11/2012 CES
06/11/2012 Design and access statement
06/11/2012 Dynamic Probe investigation drawing 13
06/11/2012 Ground stabilsation drawing 25
06/11/2012 S1 drawing
06/11/2012 Settlement risk assessment drawing 17
06/11/2012 Settlement report figure 3
06/11/2012 Settlement charts
19/02/2013 decision notice
06/11/2012 Settlement risk assessment drawing 18