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Planning application details

This page displays details of the selected application and its progress. The information and images are retrieved from the Council's Planning database. The scanning process takes place after the application has been validated, hence images for recent applications may not yet be displayed.

If the application has not been determined and provided it is before the consultation expiry date, you can use the Comment on this Application button to make representations on the proposal which will be forwarded to the Case Officer. Guidance is available for making comments on a planning application here.

For further information on how to view the working file, follow this link.

Please Note : The End of Public Consultation period date is based on the earliest date a decision can be made following public consultation on an application. This date is a live field and is updated throughout the application stage based on consultations, revised consultations, site notices and press advertisement dates, where required. Therefore this date is subject to change and if you are unsure or require further information you are advised to check with the Case Officer.

Application Details
Application number SMD/2022/0662 Application type Full - MINOR
Site address Crossways Farm, Morridge Top Road, Onecote, Staffordshire, ST13 7SF Proposal Construction of a portal frame agricultural style building and change of use to B2 general industrial, B8 Storage and Distribution/ Sui Generis to use the proposed buildings for handling and storage plant of animal by-products and derived products.
Applicant name Mr Mark Flanders

Flanders Fallen Stoke
Agent name Mr Andrew Dukesell

DBD Architectural Consultancy Ltd
Applicant address Ashby Road, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 3AY Agent address 50, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 5NS
Application status FULL-REF
Received date 20/12/2022 Valid date 20/12/2022
Fee due 3696.00 Fee paid 3696.00
Determination required date 14/02/2023 Agreed extended date 10/03/2023
Case Officer Ben Hurst
Start of Public Consultation period 09/01/2023 End of Public Consultation period 30/01/2023
Referred to Secretary of State date Referral expiry date
Decision by Planning Committee Committee date 09/03/2023
Decision Planning Permission - Refused Decision Date 10/03/2023
Temp permission expiry date Permission expiry date
Legal Obligation ref.

Planning appeal information
Appeal reference SMD/2022/0662/A
Appeal lodged date 27/06/2023
Planning Inspectorate reference APP/B3438/W/23/3324867
Planning Inspectorate start date 01/12/2023
Agent/Solicitor company name
Agent/Solicitor name
Inquiry date
Hearing date
Appeal case officer Ben Hurst
Appeal decision
Appeal decision date

Name Address
Peak Park Aldern House, Baslow Road, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1AE
Severn Trent Water Ltd Network Development, Regis Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, WV6 8RU
Environment Agency The Environment Agency, Sentinel House, Wellington Crescent, Fradley Park, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS13 8RR
Bradnop Parish Council 147, Burton Street, Leek, Staffordshire Moorlands, ST13 8DA
SMDC Environmental Health Environmental Health,
SMDC Waste (Operational Services) LEEK
Cllr Linda Malyon Ipstones Ward,
SCC (Highways) C/o Staffordshire County Council, 3rd Floor, 1Staffordshire Place, Wedgwood Building, Tipping Street, ST16 2DH

Attachments - Click the Description to view the attachment in a new window.
Date Description
21/12/2022 Application Form
21/12/2022 Design and Access Statement
21/12/2022 Seven Trent Water Map
21/12/2022 Site Plan
21/12/2022 Proposed Plan
21/12/2022 Brochure
21/12/2022 Existing Plans
21/12/2022 Proposed Site Plan
28/12/2022 Consultation response AES Waste
05/01/2023 Public Comment Louise Croome
05/01/2023 Public Comment L. King
05/01/2023 Public Comment Lynne and Robert Kettle
05/01/2023 Public Comment Tracey Noy
06/01/2023 Public Comment M Sellers & S Robbertse
06/01/2023 Public Comment Richard Janes.
06/01/2023 Public Comment Stuart DayC Harvey Day and Son
06/01/2023 Public Comment Martin Day and Julie Derbyshire
06/01/2023 Public Comment John Broadbent
06/01/2023 Public Comment Robert RowlinsonJ B Rowlinson and Son
06/01/2023 Public Comment Sue GouldDJ Gould & Son
06/01/2023 Public Comment Robert lownds
06/01/2023 Consultation Response Environment Agency
09/01/2023 Public Comment William Brough
09/01/2023 Public Comment Michael HollinsM.P.& B.J. Hollins & Son
09/01/2023 Public Comment Courtney harvey
09/01/2023 Public Comment Anthony Wheat
09/01/2023 Public Comment Kevin Hudson
09/01/2023 Consultation Response SCC Highways
09/01/2023 Public Comment Allan & Dawn Wain
10/01/2023 Public Comment John Redfern
10/01/2023 Public Comment Katie Davies
10/01/2023 Public Comment Toby Gaddum
10/01/2023 Public Comment Jane Gaddum
10/01/2023 Public comment Miss D Tickle
11/01/2023 Public Comment Kirkham
11/01/2023 Public Comment Sarah Stretton
11/01/2023 Public Comment J W Stretton Ltd & Pethills Farm
11/01/2023 Public Comment Trevor Howard
11/01/2023 Public Comment Janet Stubbs
11/01/2023 Public Comment Chris Stafford
11/01/2023 Public Comment Alex Back
11/01/2023 public comment j day
11/01/2023 public comment p griffin
11/01/2023 public comment m pollard, r gunn
11/01/2023 public comment k davies
11/01/2023 public comment j & s giddings
11/01/2023 Public Comment John Wardman
12/01/2023 Public Comment Mr P Griffin
12/01/2023 Pubilc Comment Miss D L Tickell
12/01/2023 Public Comment Heathcote
12/01/2023 Public Comment Deborah Needham
12/01/2023 Public Comment Graham Needham
12/01/2023 Public Comment Emma Gilman
16/01/2023 Public Comment H Cooper
16/01/2023 Public Comment Mrs M Cooper
18/01/2023 Public comment Adrian Croome
18/01/2023 Consultation response PDNPA
18/01/2023 Public comment I & B Smith
18/01/2023 Public comment Victoria Rushton
19/01/2023 Public Comment Sally Robbertse
20/01/2023 Public Comment Peak VenuesPeak Venues
20/01/2023 Public Comment Ms Gollner
20/01/2023 Public Comment Fenella Gollner
23/01/2023 Public Comment Paul Clews
23/01/2023 Public Comment Nigel King
23/01/2023 Public Comment Ford Wetley Holiday Cottage
23/01/2023 Public Comment Joanne Hulmes
23/01/2023 Public Comment Mr Martin
23/01/2023 Public Comment Debra Hallard
24/01/2023 Public Comment James Harrison
24/01/2023 Public Comment Miss H Harford
24/01/2023 Public Comment AJ Wade
24/01/2023 Public Comment DeanDraughting Services
24/01/2023 Public Comment Dannielle Birch
24/01/2023 Public Comment Michelle Tweats
24/01/2023 Public Comment G Gratton
24/01/2023 Public Comment Mrs S Mellor
24/01/2023 Public Comment Peter & Hazel Bailey
24/01/2023 Public Comment PJH Bailey
24/01/2023 Public Comment Joanne Hulmes
24/01/2023 Public Comment King Ford Old Hall Barn
24/01/2023 Public Comment Nichola Garratt
24/01/2023 Public Comment Zoe and Russell Chadwick
24/01/2023 Public Comment Lisa Goldstraw
24/01/2023 Public Comment Paul P
24/01/2023 Public Comment Lucy Evans
24/01/2023 Public Comment Bethany Brindley
24/01/2023 Public Comment Emma Whitehouse
24/01/2023 Public Comment Angela (2)
24/01/2023 Public Comment Chloe Walters
24/01/2023 Public Comment Rebecca Moody
24/01/2023 Public Comment Colleen Savage
24/01/2023 Public Comment Nick Greenwood
24/01/2023 Public Comment Nick Greenwood
24/01/2023 Public comment Mr A Smith
25/01/2023 Transport Statement Crossways Farm
25/01/2023 Public Comment Clint Walker
25/01/2023 Public Comment Hannah McNamara
25/01/2023 Public Comment Kate Poyser
25/01/2023 Public Comment Katie Gibbins
25/01/2023 Public Comment Sally Mos
25/01/2023 Public Comment Stephen Machin
25/01/2023 Public Comment Steve Hunter
25/01/2023 Public Comment Kennedy
25/01/2023 Public Comment Rashelle Ball
25/01/2023 Public Comment Susan
25/01/2023 Public Comment D Pickering
25/01/2023 Public Comment Suzanne Birch
25/01/2023 Public Comment Julie Woodcock
25/01/2023 Public Comment James Perkin
25/01/2023 Public Comment Hannah Fox
25/01/2023 Public Comment Kirstie Tittensor
25/01/2023 Public Comment Claire Love
25/01/2023 Public Comment Alison Frodsham
25/01/2023 Public Comment Mrs S Mellor (2)
25/01/2023 Public Comment A Smith & James Mellor
25/01/2023 Public Comment Riley Hulme
25/01/2023 Public Comment S and G Mellor
25/01/2023 Public Comment Bethany Shaw
25/01/2023 Public Comment Linda Close
25/01/2023 Public Comment Mrs Harvey
25/01/2023 Public Comment Cheryl Willshaw
25/01/2023 Public Comment Graham Bailey
25/01/2023 Public Comment Carl Critchlow
25/01/2023 Public Comment Tracey Clark
25/01/2023 Public Comment Dorothy Bailey
25/01/2023 Public Comment Joanne Crombie
26/01/2023 Comments Onecote Parish Council
27/01/2023 Public Comment Paul Varro
27/01/2023 Public Comment Jo Varro
27/01/2023 Public Comment M Gratton
27/01/2023 Public Comment D Calladine-Jones
27/01/2023 Public Comment R Ford & C Heath
27/01/2023 Public Comment D & S Jaggers
27/01/2023 Public Comment J Hargreabes
27/01/2023 Public comment Mr R Spillett
27/01/2023 Public Comment Matthew Swindles
27/01/2023 Public Comment Vicky and Nick Buttress
27/01/2023 Public Comment Alison Evenden
28/01/2023 Public Comment Khaled Ullah
28/01/2023 Public Comment Josie Shereston
29/01/2023 Public Comment James Mellor
30/01/2023 Public Comment Samantha Tweats
30/01/2023 Public Comment Victoria Tickell
30/01/2023 Public Comment James Charles
30/01/2023 Public Comment Georgia Varro
30/01/2023 Public Comment Stephan Edwards
30/01/2023 Public Comment Denise Taylor
30/01/2023 Public Comment Clifford and Angela Johnson
30/01/2023 Public Comment Karen Jackson
30/01/2023 Public Comment Mrs A Meakin
30/01/2023 Public Comment Jim Benblow
30/01/2023 Public Comment - Colin Agar
30/01/2023 Public Comment - Christine Agar
30/01/2023 Public Comment - Michael Cooke
30/01/2023 Public Comment - Andrew Hulmes
30/01/2023 Public Comment - Catherine Back
30/01/2023 Public Comment - J Mellor
30/01/2023 Public Comment Michael Cook
31/01/2023 Public Comment - A Firman
01/02/2023 Public Comment Peak District National Park
09/02/2023 Consultation Response Bradnop Parish Council
09/02/2023 Public Comment Dawn & Alan Wain
09/02/2023 Public Comment Martin Sellers & Sally Robbertse
15/02/2023 Public Comment Bradnop Parish Council 2
24/02/2023 Email from NWLeicestershire officer to applicant re Coalville site
27/02/2023 Comments from Environmental Health Officers
08/03/2023 Public Comment Debra Tickell
10/03/2023 Decision
23/06/2023 Delegated report.
04/12/2023 Appeal Start Letter
04/12/2023 Appeal Form
04/12/2023 Appendix A - Email NW Leicestershire Council.
04/12/2023 Grounds of Appeal
13/12/2023 Appeal Questionnaire
27/12/2023 Consultation response AES
11/01/2024 Third Party Representation Z Chadwick
11/01/2024 Third Party Representation S Clifford
11/01/2024 Third Party Representation L Croome
11/01/2024 Third Party Representation R Ford
11/01/2024 Third Party Representation J Gaddum
11/01/2024 Third Party Representation T Gaddum
11/01/2024 Third Party Representation Onecote Parish Council
11/01/2024 Third Party Representation L King
11/01/2024 Third Party Representation N King
11/01/2024 Third Party Representation T Nicholson
11/01/2024 Third Party Representation S ROBBERTSE
11/01/2024 Third Party Representation S Stretton
11/01/2024 Third Party Representation A Wain
11/01/2024 Third Party Representation Ipstones Parish Council
25/01/2024 Appellant's Final Comments