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Planning application details

This page displays details of the selected application and its progress. The information and images are retrieved from the Council's Planning database. The scanning process takes place after the application has been validated, hence images for recent applications may not yet be displayed.

If the application has not been determined and provided it is before the consultation expiry date, you can use the Comment on this Application button to make representations on the proposal which will be forwarded to the Case Officer. Guidance is available for making comments on a planning application here.

For further information on how to view the working file, follow this link.

Please Note : The End of Public Consultation period date is based on the earliest date a decision can be made following public consultation on an application. This date is a live field and is updated throughout the application stage based on consultations, revised consultations, site notices and press advertisement dates, where required. Therefore this date is subject to change and if you are unsure or require further information you are advised to check with the Case Officer.

Application Details
Application number SMD/2020/0684 Application type Full Planning - Small-scale MAJOR apps
Site address Froghall Wharf, Froghall Road, Froghall, Staffordshire, ST10 2HH Proposal Residential development (49 dwellings), including formation of new access, landscaping and associated works, and restoration of listed farmhouse and re-use as a dwelling house.
Applicant name Mr George Meade

Hadleigh Industrial Estates Ltd
Agent name Mr Steve Russell

Tarpey Woodfine Architects
Applicant address Hadleigh House, Mayfair, London, W1J 5EN Agent address 10, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 1EL
Application status Consultations/Re-consultations issued

Received date 07/12/2020 Valid date 08/02/2021
Fee due 22638.00 Fee paid 22638.00
Determination required date 10/05/2021 Agreed extended date
Case Officer Jane Curley
Start of Public Consultation period 11/02/2021 End of Public Consultation period 23/03/2021
Referred to Secretary of State date Referral expiry date
Decision by Planning Committee Committee date 17/06/2021
Decision Awaiting Decision Decision Date
Temp permission expiry date Permission expiry date
Legal Obligation ref.

Name Address
Kingsley Parish Council Hillcrest, 74 Folly Lane, Cheddleton, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 7DA
SCC (Highways) C/o Staffordshire County Council, 3rd Floor, 1Staffordshire Place, Wedgwood Building, Tipping Street, ST16 2DH
SCC (Planning) Staffordshire County Council, Planning Development Control, Stafford,
SCC (Education) Principle School Organisation Officer, Staffordshire County Council, 6th Floor, Tipping Street, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST16 2DH
SCC (Flood Risk Management) Staffordshire County Council, Flood Team,
SCC (Minerals) Staffordshire County Council,
Environment Agency The Environment Agency, Sentinel House, Wellington Crescent, Fradley Park, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS13 8RR
Natural England Parkside Court, Hall Park Way, Telford, Shropshire, TF3 4LR
Police Liaison Crime Reduction Unit Staffordshire Constabulary,
Severn Trent Water Ltd Network Development, Regis Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, WV6 8RU
National Amenity Societies 37 Spital Square, London, E1 6DY,
Historic England 8th Floor, The Axis, 10 Holliday Street, Birmingham, B1 1TG,
Staffordshire Wildlife Trust The Wolseley Centre, Wolseley Bridge, Stafford, ST17 0WT
Ipstones Parish Council 48, Froghall Road, Ipstones, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire Moorlands, ST10 2NA
Canal And River Trust Strategy, Planning & Design, Fradley Junction, Alrewas, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, DE13 7DN
SCC (Archaeolgy / Historic Environment) Staffordshire County Council, Environmental Team Historic Environment,
SMDC Environmental Health Environmental Health,
SMDC Conservation Conservation Officer, Town Hall, Buxton,
SMDC Operational Services (Leisure / Recreation)
SMDC Operational Services (Parks/Open Space/Hort)
SMDC Regeneration - Economic Development Moorlands House, Leek,
SMDC Regneration - Planning Policy Moorlands House, Leek,
SMDC Trees
SMDC Waste (Operational Services) LEEK
Cllr Linda Malyon Ipstones Ward,
Ipstones Parish Council 48, Froghall Road, Ipstones, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire Moorlands, ST10 2NA
Coal Authority Planning And Local Authority Liaison, 200, Lichfield Lane, Berry Hill, , Mansfield,, Notts, NG18 4RG

Attachments - Click the Description to view the attachment in a new window.
Date Description
11/02/2021 1102 05-06 main site-05 constraints plan
11/02/2021 1102 05-06 main site-06 site plan
11/02/2021 1102 05-06 main site-07 site section
11/02/2021 1102 10-13 existing site and buildings-11 ex loc2
11/02/2021 1102 10-13 existing site and buildings-12 ex site plan
11/02/2021 1102 10-13 existing site and buildings-13 ex site buildings
11/02/2021 1102 21-30 house types-21 type1
11/02/2021 1102 21-30 house types-22 type2
11/02/2021 1102 21-30 house types-23 type3
11/02/2021 1102 21-30 house types-24 type4
11/02/2021 1102 21-30 house types-25 type5
11/02/2021 1102 21-30 house types-26 type6
11/02/2021 1102 21-30 house types-27 type7
11/02/2021 1102 21-30 house types-28 type8
11/02/2021 1102 21-30 house types-29 type9
11/02/2021 1102 21-30 house types-30 type10
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-200B existing house
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-201A ex anc A-D
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-202A ex anc E
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-203 ex site plan
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-204B prop house
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-205A prop anc A-D
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-206A prop anc E
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-207 prop site plan
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-208 prop floor & ceiling plans
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-250 existing ground
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-251 existing first
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-252 existing roof
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-253 existing elev ws
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-254 existing elev en
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-255 ex plan anc A-D
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-256 ex elev ns anc A-D
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-257 ex elev ew anc A-D
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-258 ex anc E
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-259 prop roof
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-260 prop elev ws
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-261 prop elev en
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-262 prop plan anc A-D
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-263 prop elev ns anc A-D
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-264 prop elev we anc A-D
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-265 prop anc E
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-266 proposed ground
11/02/2021 1102 200-267 listed building-267 proposed first
11/02/2021 1102 building for life froghall 01-02-2021
11/02/2021 1102 design and access statement froghall 01-02-2021
11/02/2021 1102 Froghall Outline Spec 01-12-2020
11/02/2021 1102 sustainability statement froghall 01-02-2021
11/02/2021 200256-C2C-02 Propping and Buttress Extents
11/02/2021 Framework Travel Plan
11/02/2021 App 2 C&UCT Froghall Locks investigation Dec 2020
11/02/2021 Application Form
11/02/2021 Boltons Copperworks (Plot 1)_Bat Bird_August 202
11/02/2021 Boltons Copperworks (Plot 1)_GCN eDNA survey report_Final issue (1)_August 2020
11/02/2021 Boltons Copperworks (Plot 1)_Invertebrate study_Final Issue (1)_August 2020
11/02/2021 Boltons Copperworks (Plot 1)_Otter and water vole survey_Final Issue (1)_August 2020.
11/02/2021 Boltons Copperworks (Plot 1)_PEA Report_Final Issue (1)_August 2020
11/02/2021 Boltons Copperworks (Plot 1)_Reptile August 2020
11/02/2021 Boltons Copperworks (Plot 1)_WCC eDNA survey report_Final issue (1)_August 2020
11/02/2021 Dev App Letter to TW 4.12.20
11/02/2021 Figures 1 to 4
11/02/2021 froghall road stoke cmra e-doc
11/02/2021 Froghall_Masterplan_001
11/02/2021 Landscape Design Statement
11/02/2021 MMC HIA Froghall 18.12.20
11/02/2021 Planning Statement
11/02/2021 THL-0847 Froghall Road Stoke
11/02/2021 Tree Schedule Froghall Road Stoke
11/02/2021 Consultation Response SCC Flood Risk
11/02/2021 12291-HMR 1
11/02/2021 Photographs Part 3
11/02/2021 Photographs Part 2
11/02/2021 Photographs Part 1
11/02/2021 LVIA Part 2
11/02/2021 LVIA Part 3
11/02/2021 LVIA Part 1
11/02/2021 Worms Eye PRA Part 3
11/02/2021 Worms Eye PRA Part 2
11/02/2021 Worms Eye PRA Part 1
11/02/2021 Worms Eye PRA Part 3
11/02/2021 Structural Appraisal Part 4
11/02/2021 Structural Appraisal Part 2
11/02/2021 Structural Appraisal Part 3
12/02/2021 Public comment James Green
22/02/2021 Public comment Brian Sammons
22/02/2021 consultation response severn trent water
22/02/2021 Public comment Gerald Payne
22/02/2021 Public comment David Moore
22/02/2021 James Green
22/02/2021 Public comment Donald Coldwell
22/02/2021 Public comment Peter Jaggers
22/02/2021 Public comment Alfie lee
22/02/2021 Public comment Diane Brown
22/02/2021 Public comment Rupert Smedley
22/02/2021 Public comment Roger Evans
22/02/2021 Public comment Richard Graham
22/02/2021 Public comment Simon Rowberry
22/02/2021 Public comment Dave Salt
22/02/2021 Public comment D Daniels
22/02/2021 consultation response staffs police
22/02/2021 Public comment Andy Carter
22/02/2021 Public comment Tonia Marshall
22/02/2021 Public comment Steven Allen
22/02/2021 Public comment Antony Parvin
22/02/2021 Public comment Peter Silvester
22/02/2021 Public comment Helen Gardner
22/02/2021 Public comment Elaine Scott
22/02/2021 Public comment Roger Boot
23/02/2021 Public comment Erica Martin
23/02/2021 Public comment Kath and Geoff Dale
23/02/2021 Public comment S Kennedy
23/02/2021 Public comment C Worrall
23/02/2021 Public comment V Anderson
23/02/2021 Public comment R Hart
23/02/2021 Public comment I Edmondson
23/02/2021 Public comment S Green
23/02/2021 Public comment P Marks
23/02/2021 Public comment N Lacey
23/02/2021 Public comment D Moore
23/02/2021 Public comment A Handley
23/02/2021 Public comment K & G Dale
23/02/2021 Public comment Paul Hedges
23/02/2021 Public comment N Deaville
23/02/2021 Consultation Response SCC Footpaths
24/02/2021 Public comment K&G Dale
24/02/2021 Public comment G Robinson
24/02/2021 Public comment D Smith
24/02/2021 Public comment A Cooper
24/02/2021 Consultation Response Coal Authority
24/02/2021 public comment c johnson
24/02/2021 public comment n brayford
24/02/2021 public comment c brayford
25/02/2021 12291-FRA & Drainage Strategy Part 9
25/02/2021 12291-FRA & Drainage Strategy Part 8
25/02/2021 12291-FRA & Drainage Strategy Part 6.
25/02/2021 12291-FRA & Drainage Strategy Part 7
25/02/2021 12291-FRA & Drainage Strategy Part 5
25/02/2021 12291-FRA & Drainage Strategy Part 4
25/02/2021 12291-FRA & Drainage Strategy Part 3
25/02/2021 12291-FRA & Drainage Strategy Part 2
25/02/2021 12291-FRA & Drainage Strategy Part 1
26/02/2021 BS5837 Tree Report Froghall.
26/02/2021 public comment d dumbleton
26/02/2021 public comment a dalgleish
26/02/2021 consultation response scc mineral & waste
26/02/2021 public comment c robinson
26/02/2021 Public comment Graham Myatt.
01/03/2021 Public comment Ian James.
02/03/2021 Public comment John Potter Stafford Riverway Link CIC
02/03/2021 Public comment A Savage
02/03/2021 Public comment T Fuller
02/03/2021 Public comment S Beard
03/03/2021 Consultation response Waste
04/03/2021 Public Comment Sam A R Bennett
04/03/2021 Public Comment Nicholas Grundy
04/03/2021 Public Comment Jonathan Buttery
04/03/2021 Public Comment Tim Jeffcoat
04/03/2021 Public Comment Clive Brassington
04/03/2021 Consultation Response Natural England
04/03/2021 Transport Assessment
04/03/2021 Consultation response SCC School organisationn Team.
04/03/2021 Consultation response Staffordshire Waterways Group.
04/03/2021 Consultation Response Service Commissioning
08/03/2021 Public Comment Alex Worral
08/03/2021 Public Comment Steve & Sue Jenner
08/03/2021 Public Comment Alan Chetwyn
08/03/2021 Public Comment David Lland
08/03/2021 Public Comment Dr Michael Leach
08/03/2021 Public Comment Dr. Meriel Lland
08/03/2021 Public Comment John Dodwell
08/03/2021 Public Comment Michael Maryon
08/03/2021 Public Comment P Balfour
08/03/2021 Public Comment Peter Alcock
08/03/2021 Public Comment Robert Wood
08/03/2021 Public Comment Roger Larke
08/03/2021 Inland Waterways Association
08/03/2021 Public Comment Peter Cowie
08/03/2021 Staffordshire Waterways Group
09/03/2021 Public Comment Alan Walmsley
09/03/2021 Public Comment Philip G SharpeI
09/03/2021 Public Comment Andrew Toyn
11/03/2021 Consultation Response Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council
11/03/2021 Public Comment Annette Mitchell
11/03/2021 Public Comment Beth Knight
11/03/2021 Public Comment Roger Spurr
11/03/2021 Public Comment Kathryn Clark.
11/03/2021 Public Comment Peter Cowie
11/03/2021 Public Comment David Slater Charity Friends of the Leominster Cana
11/03/2021 Public Comment David Leftley
11/03/2021 Public Comment alan & Susan Wilding
11/03/2021 Public Comment Mr Stephen Green
11/03/2021 Public Comment Sandra Buterworth
11/03/2021 Public Comment Vernon Brown
11/03/2021 Public Comment Anne Graham
11/03/2021 Public Comment Roger Mallatratt
11/03/2021 Public Comment Gerald Leach
11/03/2021 Public Comment Janet Brown
11/03/2021 Public Comment Isobel Turner
11/03/2021 Public Comment Pete Drew
11/03/2021 Public Comment Duncan Wright
11/03/2021 Public Comment Ian Marr
11/03/2021 Public Comment jeffrey unett
11/03/2021 Public Comment David Struckett
11/03/2021 Public Comment Dr R Fletcher
11/03/2021 Public Comment Malcolm Tonkiss
11/03/2021 Public Comment Sharon Tarlton.
11/03/2021 Public Comment Tim Boddington
11/03/2021 Public Comment Peter Cowie
11/03/2021 Public Comment Edward Leetham
11/03/2021 Public Comment Duncan Kury
11/03/2021 Public Comment Christopher Penny
11/03/2021 Public Comment Derrick HuntSelf.
11/03/2021 Public Comment Nigel Moss.
11/03/2021 Public Comment Chris Perry
11/03/2021 Public Comment C Payne
11/03/2021 Public Comment Vivienne Cowie
11/03/2021 Public Comment Andrew Toyn
11/03/2021 Public Comment David Dixon
11/03/2021 Consultation Response Kingsley Parish Council
11/03/2021 Public Commennt A Smith
11/03/2021 Public Commennt S Walters
11/03/2021 Public Commennt H Worth
11/03/2021 Public Commennt V Cowie
12/03/2021 Public Commennt R Gallop
12/03/2021 Public Commennt J Gallop
12/03/2021 Public Commennt A Dronzek
12/03/2021 Public Commennt K McCullough
12/03/2021 Public Commennt I McCarthy
12/03/2021 Public Commennt D Mack
12/03/2021 Public Commennt R Frost
12/03/2021 Public Commennt S Davies
12/03/2021 Public Commennt N Johannessen
12/03/2021 Public Commennt P Cowie
12/03/2021 Public Commennt P Wilkinson
13/03/2021 Public Comment R Caton-Tanner.
13/03/2021 Public Comment L Bourne
13/03/2021 Public Comment J Halford
13/03/2021 Public Comment J Warsop
13/03/2021 Public Commennt D Warsop
13/03/2021 Public Commennt Paul McLoughlin.
13/03/2021 Public Commennt A McDowal
13/03/2021 Public Commennt A Greenwel
13/03/2021 \Public Commennt D Osborn
13/03/2021 Public Commennt C Poole
13/03/2021 Public Commennt R Horne
13/03/2021 Public Commennt R Horne
13/03/2021 Public Commennt D Williams
13/03/2021 Public Commennt V Cowie
13/03/2021 Public Commennt C Jones
14/03/2021 Public Comment V Cowie
14/03/2021 Public Comment P Cowie
14/03/2021 Public Comment E McDowall
15/03/2021 Public Comment J & T Jolland
15/03/2021 Public Comment K Bonson
15/03/2021 Public Comment N Jones
15/03/2021 Public Comment S Mendolia
15/03/2021 Public comment Derek Hilyer The Beatrice Charity.
15/03/2021 Public comment Robert Almquist Volunteer lock keeper
15/03/2021 Public comment John Steele.
15/03/2021 Public comment Marcus Hill-Jones
15/03/2021 Public comment Andrew Reed
15/03/2021 Public comment Paul Brettell.
15/03/2021 Public comment John Lawson.
15/03/2021 Public comment Mark & Ruth Tiddy
15/03/2021 Public comment Tony Clayton
17/03/2021 Public Comment Allison Rhodes
17/03/2021 Public Comment Graham Coates
17/03/2021 Public Comment Aaron Hunt
17/03/2021 Public Comment Sheila Smith
17/03/2021 Public Comment M A Jones
17/03/2021 Public Comment S Jones
18/03/2021 Public Comment D. Emery
18/03/2021 Public Comment Jan Birch
18/03/2021 Public Comment Richard Coulthurst.
18/03/2021 Public Comment Mike Birch
18/03/2021 Public Comment D Gardner
18/03/2021 Public Comment denis hurst
18/03/2021 Public Comment Edwin Shermer.
18/03/2021 Public Comment Margaret Shermer.
18/03/2021 Public Comment Mr A Mclaughlin.
18/03/2021 Public Comment Carl Wibberley
18/03/2021 Public Comment B Favis
18/03/2021 Public Comment Ruth Clowes
18/03/2021 Public Comment Chris Knowles
18/03/2021 Public Comment Reg Clowes
18/03/2021 Public Comment Jane Clowes
18/03/2021 Public Comment Neil Morley
18/03/2021 Public Comment Lynne Brunt
18/03/2021 Public Comment Laurence Overton
18/03/2021 Public Comment Cllr Steve Sankey
18/03/2021 Public Comment Antony Parvin
18/03/2021 Public Comment Lorna Valentine-Marlow
18/03/2021 Public Comment Chris Davey
18/03/2021 Public Comment D Russell
18/03/2021 Public Comment Dr Michael Leach
18/03/2021 Public Comment Jonathan Shepherd
18/03/2021 Public Comment J M Rigby
18/03/2021 Public Comment Jacqueline Worral
18/03/2021 Public Comment Clive Brassington
18/03/2021 Public Comment Christine Worth
18/03/2021 Public Comment Peter Cowie
18/03/2021 Public Comment Adrian Wedgwood
18/03/2021 Public Comment John Perry
18/03/2021 Public Comment Abigail Cooper
18/03/2021 Public Comment Donna Maguire
18/03/2021 Public Comment Dean
19/03/2021 Public Comment Clive Brassington
19/03/2021 Public Comment William Turton
19/03/2021 Public Comment Christina Forrester
19/03/2021 Consultation Response Canal and River Trust
22/03/2021 Public Comment D J Williams.
22/03/2021 Public Comment J Williams
22/03/2021 Public Comment Susan Paine.
22/03/2021 Public Comment G Gittus
22/03/2021 Public Comment Paul Cattermole
22/03/2021 Public Comment Rachel Evans
22/03/2021 Public Comment D & J Milward
22/03/2021 Public Comment Steve Leaver
22/03/2021 Public Comment Joanne Hulmes
22/03/2021 Public Comment Valerie Leaver
22/03/2021 Public Comment Carole Cluer.
22/03/2021 Public Comment Lily Jones
22/03/2021 Public Comment Joanne Clay
22/03/2021 Public Comment David Fowler
22/03/2021 Public Comment Deborah Kingston
22/03/2021 Public Comment Josephine ShepherdStaffordshire Moorlands Bridleways Grou
22/03/2021 Public Comment Dianne Drew.
22/03/2021 Public Comment Josie Shereston
22/03/2021 Public comment Aad Van Adrichem
22/03/2021 Public comment Helen Anderson.
22/03/2021 Public comment Martin Ludgate.
22/03/2021 Public comment Adrian Crow
22/03/2021 Public comment Kevin Baker
22/03/2021 Public comment Steve Hayes
22/03/2021 Public comment Sam Kennion
22/03/2021 Public comment Helena Rosiecka.
22/03/2021 Public comment Sue Blake.
22/03/2021 Public comment Oliver Revel.
22/03/2021 Public comment Steve Price
22/03/2021 Public comment Robert J Kearney
23/03/2021 Public comment Peter Stockdale.
23/03/2021 Public comment Ian Johnson
23/03/2021 Public comment Vivien Day
24/03/2021 Public comment Peter Cowie
24/03/2021 Public comment Ric Zanelli
24/03/2021 Public comment Dave Hodgkinson Lee
24/03/2021 Public comment Ian Williamson
25/03/2021 Public Comment Steve Wood
25/03/2021 Public Comment Steve Wood
25/03/2021 Public Comment Julie Arnold.
25/03/2021 Public Comment David and Sheila Walters
25/03/2021 Public Comment Churnet Valley Conservation Society
25/03/2021 Public Comment Phil & Anne Craddock
25/03/2021 Public Comment Andrew Cooke
25/03/2021 Public Comment Caldon and Uttoxeter Canal Trust.
25/03/2021 Consultation Response County Archaeologist
25/03/2021 Public Comment Rosemary Hale
25/03/2021 Public comment R Booth
25/03/2021 Public comment S Coates
25/03/2021 Public comment J Lumsden-Cook
26/03/2021 Public comment J Maule-FFinch
26/03/2021 Public comment John Russell
26/03/2021 Public comment Denis Hurst
29/03/2021 Public comment John Myers
29/03/2021 Public comment A Mills.
29/03/2021 Public comment Martin Brightman
29/03/2021 Public comment John Russell
29/03/2021 Consultation Response Ipstones Parish Council
08/04/2021 Public comment John Higgins
12/04/2021 Public Comment Clr Howard
12/04/2021 Public Comment Patricia Mycock
12/04/2021 Consultation Response Ipstones Parish Council
12/04/2021 Consultation Response Planning Policy
12/04/2021 Public Comment Stevenson
12/04/2021 Public Comment Steve Benjamin.
12/04/2021 Public Comment Gill Stew
13/04/2021 Consultation Response SCC Flood Risk Planning Officer
19/04/2021 Consultation Response SCC Rural Development Team
21/04/2021 Dev App Letter to SMDC 8.3.21
21/04/2021 Consultation Response SMDC Pollution Officer Env Health
22/04/2021 Public Comment Bob Dewey
23/04/2021 Public Comment Terry Cavender
23/04/2021 Public Response Amanda Robinson
28/04/2021 Public Comment C Towle