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Planning application details

This page displays details of the selected application and its progress. The information and images are retrieved from the Council's Planning database. The scanning process takes place after the application has been validated, hence images for recent applications may not yet be displayed.

If the application has not been determined and provided it is before the consultation expiry date, you can use the Comment on this Application button to make representations on the proposal which will be forwarded to the Case Officer. Guidance is available for making comments on a planning application here.

For further information on how to view the working file, follow this link.

Please Note : The End of Public Consultation period date is based on the earliest date a decision can be made following public consultation on an application. This date is a live field and is updated throughout the application stage based on consultations, revised consultations, site notices and press advertisement dates, where required. Therefore this date is subject to change and if you are unsure or require further information you are advised to check with the Case Officer.

Application Details
Application number SMD/2019/0757 Application type Full Planning - Small-scale MAJOR apps
Site address Rowley Gate Farm, Devils Lane, Longsdon, Staffordshire, ST9 9QP Proposal Proposed works and regularisation to Rowley Gate Farm, comprising the farmhouse and collection of stone farm buildings, including the removal of unauthorised C20, single-storey, 'link' structures, as follows: Proposed alteration; extension and refurbishment of the C17 Grade II Listed farmhouse (regularisation application), comprising removal of a C20 masonry flue; re-roofing; new rainwater goods; repointing elevations using a lime-based mortar; new painted timber windows and doors; new window openings to attic floor level; new duo-pitched, single-storey extension to west elevation; and internal alterations. Proposed alteration and refurbishment of the C19 detached farm building (regularisation application) located to the north of the farmhouse, comprising reroofing; new rainwater goods; repointing elevations using a lime-based mortar; alterations to existing window and door openings; new painted timber windows and doors; new rooflight to south side of roof; internal floor excavated and floor level lowered; new flue to wood burning stove to south elevation; and internal alterations. Proposed change-of use, alteration and refurbishment to the Grade II Listed mid-C19 long barn to the east of the farmhouse to create an entertainment suite ancillary to the main house comprising, re-roofing; new rainwater goods; repointing elevations using a lime-based mortar; new painted timber hopper windows and shutter doors; thin framed, powder-coated aluminium frame windows and doors; and internal alterations. Proposed demolition (retrospective) and rebuilding/ reinstatement of the former cart shed building to the west of the farmhouse for leisure use, ancillary to the main house. The new building to comprise, new dressed red Hollington sandstone with gritstone quoins, heads, cills and copings under a new duo-pitched
Applicant name Mr & Mrs Beaumont

Agent name

Wood Goldstraw & Yorath
Applicant address Devil's Lane, Nr Leek, Staffordshire, ST9 9QP Agent address Churchill House, Hanley, Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, ST1 3RH
Application status Consultations/Re-consultations issued

Received date 13/12/2019 Valid date 24/01/2020
Fee due 462.00 Fee paid 462.00
Determination required date 24/04/2020 Agreed extended date
Case Officer Ben Hurst
Start of Public Consultation period 24/01/2020 End of Public Consultation period 26/02/2020
Referred to Secretary of State date Referral expiry date
Decision by Committee date
Decision Awaiting Decision Decision Date
Temp permission expiry date Permission expiry date
Legal Obligation ref.

Name Address
Severn Trent Water Ltd Network Development, Regis Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, WV6 8RU
Staffordshire Wildlife Trust The Wolseley Centre, Wolseley Bridge, Stafford, ST17 0WT
Historic England 8th Floor, The Axis, 10 Holliday Street, Birmingham, B1 1TG,
Longsdon Parish Council 5, Meadow Road, Brown Edge, Staffordshire, ST6 8SQ
Longsdon Parish Council 5, Meadow Road, Brown Edge, Staffordshire, ST6 8SQ
SMDC Conservation Conservation Officer, Town Hall, Buxton,
Cllr Norma Hawkins Horton Ward,
National Amenity Societies 37 Spital Square, London, E1 6DY,

Attachments - Click the Description to view the attachment in a new window.
Date Description
24/01/2020 3521-10 RH Ext Phase 1 Hab Bat Survey
24/01/2020 3521-10_01C Site Location Plan
24/01/2020 3521-10_02B Existing Site Block Plan
24/01/2020 3521-10_03A Proposed Site Block Plan
24/01/2020 3521-10_40A MAIN HOUSE _ Existing Ground & First Floor Plan
24/01/2020 3521-10_41B MAIN HOUSE _ Existng Attic Floor & Roof Plan
24/01/2020 3521-10_42A MAIN HOUSE _ Existing Front (South) & Side (East) Elevations
24/01/2020 3521-10_43A MAIN HOUSE _ Existing Rear (North) & Side (West) Elevations
24/01/2020 3521-10_50D MAIN HOUSE _ Proposed Ground & First Floor Plans
24/01/2020 3521-10_51E MAIN HOUSE _ Proposed Attic Floor & Roof Plan
24/01/2020 3521-10_52D MAIN HOUSE _ Proposed Front (South) & Side (East) Elevations
24/01/2020 3521-10_53D MAIN HOUSE _ Proposed Rear (North) & Side (West) Elevations
24/01/2020 3521-10_58B MAIN HOUSE _ Proposed Utility Room Extension Details
24/01/2020 3521-10_59B MAIN HOUSE _ Typical Window & Door Details
24/01/2020 3521-10_60B MAIN HOUSE _ Proposed Attic Floor Window Openings
24/01/2020 3521-10_61B MAIN HOUSE _ General Details
24/01/2020 3521-10_70A LONG BARN _ Existing Plans
24/01/2020 3521-10_71A LONG BARN _ Existing Elevations
24/01/2020 3521-10_72B LONG BARN _ Proposed Ground & First Floor Plans
24/01/2020 3521-10_73B LONG BARN _ Proposed Elevations
24/01/2020 3521-10_74B LONG BARN _ Proposed Hopper Window Detail.
24/01/2020 3521-10_75B LONG BARN _ Propoed Hay Loft Opening & Shutter Detail
24/01/2020 3521-10_76B LONG BARN _ Proposed Door Detail
24/01/2020 3521-10_77B LONG BARN _ Proposed Double Door & Shutter Detail
24/01/2020 3521-10_78B LONG BARN _ Limecrete Floor Detail
24/01/2020 3521-10_80A CART SHED _ Existing Plans & Elevations
24/01/2020 3521-10_81B CART SHED _ Proposed Plans
24/01/2020 3521-10_82B CART SHED _ Proposed Elevations
24/01/2020 3521-10_83A CART SHED _ Stonework Dimensions
24/01/2020 3521-10_84A CART SHED _ Wall Construction Details
24/01/2020 3521-10_85A CART SHED _ Steps & Door Detail
24/01/2020 3521-10_90A DETACHED FARM BUILDING _ Existing Plans
24/01/2020 3521-10_91A DETACHED FARM BUILDING _ Existing Elevations
24/01/2020 3521-10_92B DETACHED FARM BUILDING _ Proposed Plans
24/01/2020 3521-10_93A DETACHED FARM BUILDING _ Proposed Elevations
24/01/2020 Application Form
24/01/2020 Statement of Heritage Significance and Impact Assessment
24/01/2020 Structural Survey
27/01/2020 Consultation Response Severn Trent Water
07/02/2020 Consultation response Longsdon Parish Council.
13/02/2020 Consultation response Conservation officer