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Planning application details

This page displays details of the selected application and its progress. The information and images are retrieved from the Council's Planning database. The scanning process takes place after the application has been validated, hence images for recent applications may not yet be displayed.

If the application has not been determined and provided it is before the consultation expiry date, you can use the Comment on this Application button to make representations on the proposal which will be forwarded to the Case Officer. Guidance is available for making comments on a planning application here.

For further information on how to view the working file, follow this link.

Please Note : The End of Public Consultation period date is based on the earliest date a decision can be made following public consultation on an application. This date is a live field and is updated throughout the application stage based on consultations, revised consultations, site notices and press advertisement dates, where required. Therefore this date is subject to change and if you are unsure or require further information you are advised to check with the Case Officer.

Application Details
Application number SMD/2016/0777 Application type Full Planning - Small-scale MAJOR apps
Site address Springs Cottage Farm, Thornyedge Road, Bagnall, Staffordshire, ST9 9LE Proposal Proposed equestrian centre comprising of menage, 22 stables, ancillary buildings, 4 turnout paddocks and horse exercise walker
Applicant name Mr Pearson

Agent name MIss Natalie Hewitt

Hewitt & Carr Architects
Applicant address Thornyedge Road, Bagnall, Staffordshire, ST9 9LE Agent address 2 - 4, Cheadle, Staffordshire, ST10 1NP
Application status FULL-REF
Received date 09/12/2016 Valid date 09/12/2016
Fee due 0.00 Fee paid 0.00
Determination required date 10/03/2017 Agreed extended date 09/03/2017
Case Officer Jane Curley
Start of Public Consultation period 05/01/2017 End of Public Consultation period 28/02/2017
Referred to Secretary of State date Referral expiry date
Decision by Planning Committee Committee date 02/03/2017
Decision Planning Permission - Refused Decision Date 06/03/2017
Temp permission expiry date Permission expiry date
Legal Obligation ref.

Name Address
Bagnall Parish Council Manor House Farm, Bagnall, Staffordshire Moorlands, ST9 9JW
Transport Development Management C/o Staffordshire County Council, 3rd Floor, 1Staffordshire Place, Wedgwood Building, Tipping Street, ST16 2DH
Mrs S Horne 16, Eyre Gardens, High Green, Sheffield, South Yorks, S35 4NU
Bagnall Parish Council Manor House Farm, Bagnall, Staffordshire Moorlands, ST9 9JW
Environmental Health Environmental Services,
Ecology/Public Right Of Way
SCC Flood Risk Management Staffordshire County Council,
Environment Agency The Environment Agency, Sentinel House, Wellington Crescent, Fradley Park, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS13 8RR
Policy Forward Plan,

Attachments - Click the Description to view the attachment in a new window.
Date Description
05/01/2017 Floor plan as proposed 00406 - AL(0)09D
05/01/2017 00406 - AL(0)10 A Location Plan
05/01/2017 Sections as existing & as proposed 00406 - AL(0)11D
05/01/2017 Site Plan 00406 - AL(0)12
05/01/2017 1531 01531 Topographical Survey
05/01/2017 Appendix A - Letter of Support (RDA)
05/01/2017 Appendix B - Letter of Support (BEF)
05/01/2017 Application Form
05/01/2017 Planning Statement (Springs Cottage Farm) v2
05/01/2017 RT-MME-120075-01 (PEA)
05/01/2017 Tree Constraints Plan THL-0344 Springs Cottage Farm
05/01/2017 Tree Schedule Springs Cottage.
05/01/2017 K623-100 RevA Strategic Drainage Plan
12/01/2017 Public Comment D Middleton
12/01/2017 Public Comment P Clark
12/01/2017 Public Comment P Plant
12/01/2017 Public Comment S Smith
15/01/2017 Public Comment - R Pegg
15/01/2017 Public Comment - Tim Richardson
15/01/2017 Public Comment - R Parkes
15/01/2017 Public Comment - M Buckle
15/01/2017 Public Comment - K Clowes
15/01/2017 Public Comment - Dr P Maitland
16/01/2017 Public comment S Gibson
16/01/2017 Public comment M Richardson
16/01/2017 Public Comment M Finney
16/01/2017 Public Comment A Rutter
16/01/2017 Public Comment N Rylands
16/01/2017 Public Comment i lawrence
16/01/2017 Public Comment J Rylands
16/01/2017 Public Comment A Rutter
16/01/2017 Public Comment D Pegg
16/01/2017 Public Comment B Richatdson
17/01/2017 Public Comment F Litherland
17/01/2017 Public Comment P & F Shropshire
17/01/2017 Public Comment E Heath
17/01/2017 Public Comment T Styles
18/01/2017 Public Comment P Fullerton
18/01/2017 Public Comment J Podmore
23/01/2017 Public Comment L Pegg
23/01/2017 Public Comment R Gilbert
23/01/2017 Public Comment J Johnson
23/01/2017 Public Comment B Taylor
23/01/2017 Public Comment R Clowes
23/01/2017 Public Comment J Scarratt
23/01/2017 Public Comment Nick
23/01/2017 Public Comment D McGrath
23/01/2017 Public Comment D Bethell
25/01/2017 Public Comment C Elliott
25/01/2017 Public Comment C King
25/01/2017 Public Comment Grace
25/01/2017 Public Comment J Wood
25/01/2017 Public Comment J Green
25/01/2017 Public Comment K Roper
25/01/2017 Public Comment P Fay
25/01/2017 Public Comment V Vincent
25/01/2017 Public Comment J Pickford
25/01/2017 Public Comment M Beff
25/01/2017 Public Comment Rachael
25/01/2017 Public Comment R Donnellan
25/01/2017 Public Comment D Higgins
25/01/2017 Public Comment D Leese
25/01/2017 Public Comment M Beff
25/01/2017 Public Comment G Franklin
25/01/2017 Public Comment J Gething
25/01/2017 Public Comment J Ratcliffe
25/01/2017 Public Comment J Hayes
25/01/2017 Public Comment Z Grant
25/01/2017 Public Comment R White
25/01/2017 Public Comment L Aitken
25/01/2017 Public Comment C Bowden
25/01/2017 Public Comment E Agarwall
25/01/2017 Public Comment L Pearson
25/01/2017 Public Comment M Atterbury
25/01/2017 Public Comment S Hurst
25/01/2017 Public Comment S Hulme
25/01/2017 Public Comment E Corfield
25/01/2017 Public Comment K Brundrett
25/01/2017 Public Comment J Rhodes
25/01/2017 Public Comment J Oldfield
25/01/2017 Public Comment A Mould
25/01/2017 Public Comment J Stokes
25/01/2017 Public Comment V Robson
25/01/2017 Public Comment A Mason
25/01/2017 Public Comment A Greenfield
25/01/2017 Public Comment N Lindsay
25/01/2017 Public Comment J Trumper
25/01/2017 Public Comment J Taft
25/01/2017 Public Comment L Taylor
25/01/2017 Public Comment L Cornwell Morlin
25/01/2017 Public Comment A Walker
25/01/2017 Public Comment G Chinn
25/01/2017 Public Comment K Short
25/01/2017 Public Comment M Dimbleby
25/01/2017 Public Comment T Lihou
25/01/2017 Public Comment V Squire
25/01/2017 Public Comment Y Wood
25/01/2017 Public Comment - L O'Sullivan
25/01/2017 Public Comment - Mr Mrs Brammer
25/01/2017 Public Comment - A Foster
25/01/2017 Public Comment - Sonia Todd
25/01/2017 Public Comment -Edna Salt
25/01/2017 Public Comment - Edward Thompson
27/01/2017 Public Comment C Hale
27/01/2017 Public Comment P Beardsley
27/01/2017 Public Comment D Sargeant
27/01/2017 Public Comment D Beaumont
27/01/2017 Public Comment U Yapp
27/01/2017 Public Comment P Bollington
27/01/2017 Public Comment S Voets
27/01/2017 Public Comment J Powner
27/01/2017 Public Comment L Casswell-Newton
27/01/2017 Public Comment P Ormond
27/01/2017 Public Comment Brenda
27/01/2017 Public Comment C Ellis-Dale
27/01/2017 Public Comment D Kay
27/01/2017 Public Comment R Lawley
27/01/2017 Public Comment S Powles
27/01/2017 Public Comment B Cornes
27/01/2017 Public Comment D Beaumont
27/01/2017 Public Comment J Lovatt
27/01/2017 Public Comment S Babb
27/01/2017 Public Comment E McIntyre
27/01/2017 Public Comment J Hinchliffe
27/01/2017 Public Comment R Warrington
27/01/2017 Public Comment Mrs Hudson
27/01/2017 Public Comment E Fickling
27/01/2017 Public Comment A Mallin
27/01/2017 Public Comment S Gascoine
27/01/2017 Consultation Response Ecology
27/01/2017 Public Comment Lou K J
27/01/2017 Public Comment Lou J
27/01/2017 Public Comment J Griffith
27/01/2017 Public Comment J Beevor-Reid
27/01/2017 Public Comment L Teece
27/01/2017 Public Comment J Knight
30/01/2017 Public Comments A Jones
25/01/2017 Public Comment - S Horne
26/01/2017 Public Comment - C Knowles
30/01/2017 Public comments T wilson
30/01/2017 Public Comments D Higgins
30/01/2017 Public Comments H Drummond
30/01/2017 Public Comments D Freeman
30/01/2017 Public Comments R Breese
30/01/2017 Public Comments J Geraghty
30/01/2017 Public Comments J Daly
30/01/2017 Public Comments T Wilson
30/01/2017 Public Comment A Willis
30/01/2017 Public Comment N Matthews-Graves
30/01/2017 Public Comment N Waterson
30/01/2017 Public Comment J Mannering
30/01/2017 Public Comment G Owen
30/01/2017 Public comment L Vincent
30/01/2017 Public Comment R Lane
30/01/2017 Public Comment A Guy
30/01/2017 Public Comment D Lewis
30/01/2017 Public Comment S Horne
30/01/2017 Public comment N Birch
30/01/2017 public comment R Mellett
30/01/2017 public comment T Affer
30/01/2017 Bagnall Parish Council comments
31/01/2017 Public Comment M Pegg
01/02/2017 Public Comment Rebecca Simpson
01/02/2017 Public Comment Rebecca Simpson
01/02/2017 public comment Barbara Ranson
01/02/2017 Public Comment Claire Gilchrist-Dick
01/02/2017 Public Comment Mick Evans
01/02/2017 Public Comment Steph Dodd
01/02/2017 Public Comment Barbara Ranson
01/02/2017 Public Comment Amanda Keech
01/02/2017 Public Comment Miss Major
01/02/2017 Public Comment Angela Fairgrieve
01/02/2017 Public Comment Steve Naylor
01/02/2017 Public Comment James Chadwick
01/02/2017 Public Comment Katie Davis
01/02/2017 Public Comment Jennifer Ward
01/02/2017 Public Comment Claire Harvey
01/02/2017 Public Comment Rach Tarbuck
01/02/2017 Public Comment Rachel Mathews
01/02/2017 Public Comment Hannah Guy
01/02/2017 Public Comment Sharon McGuiness
01/02/2017 Public Comment Natalie Lindsay
01/02/2017 Public comment J Whetter
01/02/2017 Public comment M Richards
01/02/2017 Public comment B Houston
01/02/2017 Public comment V Houston
01/02/2017 Public comment V Mcgrath
01/02/2017 Public comment H Ruscoe
01/02/2017 Public comment D McGrath
01/02/2017 Public comment K Jinks
01/02/2017 Public comment M Pegg
01/02/2017 Public comment V Mcgrath
01/02/2017 Public comment C Williams
01/02/2017 Public comment L Bridges
02/02/2017 Public comment S Combes
02/02/2017 Public comment S Combes
02/02/2017 Public comment Barbara Ranson
02/02/2017 Public comment M Assouline
02/02/2017 Public comment R Day
02/02/2017 Public comment C Jones
02/02/2017 Public comment M Dowd
02/02/2017 Public comment D Dean
02/02/2017 Public comment K Sanders
02/02/2017 Public comment V Turner
02/02/2017 Public comment N Goldup
02/02/2017 Public comment D Hargrove
02/02/2017 Public comment M Williams
02/02/2017 Public comment Diane
02/02/2017 Public comment B Ranson
02/02/2017 Public comment A Smith
02/02/2017 Public comment D Payne
02/02/2017 Public comment A Horne
02/02/2017 Public comment R Heath
02/02/2017 Public comment C James
02/02/2017 Public comment T Williams
02/02/2017 Public comment D Ainsworth
02/02/2017 Public comment S Abrahams
02/02/2017 Public comment G Whiston
02/02/2017 Public comment L Doncaster
02/02/2017 Public comment S Campling
02/02/2017 Public comment A Binks
02/02/2017 Public comment Jade
02/02/2017 Public comment R Sinclair.
02/02/2017 Public comment E Massey
02/02/2017 Public comment G Fennell
02/02/2017 Public comment E Cox
02/02/2017 Public comment L Morrell
02/02/2017 Public comment C Towers
02/02/2017 Public comment C Gangadeen
02/02/2017 Public comment J Brawn
02/02/2017 Public comment Z Barker
02/02/2017 Public comment J Clay
02/02/2017 Public comment K Mellor
02/02/2017 Public comment C Wilkinson
02/02/2017 Public comment C Mclane
02/02/2017 Public comment J Turner
02/02/2017 Public comment K legg
02/02/2017 Public comment S Holder
02/02/2017 Public comment P Blessington
02/02/2017 Public comment M Collishaw
02/02/2017 Public comment A Ellis
02/02/2017 Public comment R Moss
02/02/2017 Public comment E Cox
02/02/2017 Public comment N Holland
02/02/2017 Public comment L Storer
02/02/2017 Public comment I Naylor
02/02/2017 Consultee Response - Environmental Health
03/02/2017 Public comment C Reed
03/02/2017 Public comment A Hindley
03/02/2017 Public comment R Roberts
03/02/2017 Public comment B Baglee
03/02/2017 Public comment H Cottrell
03/02/2017 Public comment L Ruscoe
03/02/2017 Public comment J Knapper.
03/02/2017 Public comment T Murdoch
03/02/2017 Public comment M Bamford
03/02/2017 Public comment D Butler
03/02/2017 Public comment M Salt
03/02/2017 Public comment C Carr
03/02/2017 Public comment K Holden
03/02/2017 Public comment D LLewellyn
03/02/2017 Public comment L Cornwell morlin
03/02/2017 Public comment M Bamford
03/02/2017 Public comment T Sylvester
03/02/2017 Public comment S Horn
03/02/2017 Public comment D Litherland
03/02/2017 Public comment L Wilbraham
03/02/2017 Public comment T Richardson
03/02/2017 Public comment W Richardson
03/02/2017 Public comment Mcdonald
03/02/2017 Public comment Stephen Lunn
03/02/2017 Public comment P Parsons
03/02/2017 Public comment M Stitson
03/02/2017 Public comment Chelle
03/02/2017 Public comment R Sargeant
03/02/2017 Public comment S Lockett
03/02/2017 Public comment J Jones
03/02/2017 Public comment K Vickers
03/02/2017 Public comment K Carr
03/02/2017 Public comment C Durkin
03/02/2017 Public comment Rebecca
03/02/2017 Public comment R Brennan
03/02/2017 Public comment R Linton
03/02/2017 Public comment T Dean
03/02/2017 Public comment S Archer
03/02/2017 Public comment D Satongar
03/02/2017 Public comment C Paddock
03/02/2017 Consultee Response - Highways
03/02/2017 Consultee Response - Trees
03/02/2017 Public comment G Halliwell
03/02/2017 Public comment T Taylor
03/02/2017 Public comment H Locker
03/02/2017 Public comment G Mackinnion
03/02/2017 Public comment L Taylor
03/02/2017 Public comment G Brammer
03/02/2017 Public comment S Gordon
03/02/2017 Public comment E Gould
03/02/2017 Public comment P Collins
03/02/2017 Public comment R Pegg
06/02/2017 Public comment L Lowe
06/02/2017 Public comment J Grindon
06/02/2017 Public comment B Ranson
08/02/2017 Public Comment Jill Wheeldon
13/02/2017 Public Comment Michael Holden
13/02/2017 Public Comment T. Flemming
13/02/2017 Public Comment Brammer
14/02/2017 Public Comment R & R Jackson
15/02/2017 Public Comment Gloria Middleton
15/02/2017 Public Comment Vincent McNamara
15/02/2017 Public Comment Ryan
20/02/2017 Public comment K Briand
22/02/2017 Consultee Response - Staffordshire Widlife Trust
06/03/2017 Decision
05/05/2017 Consultation Response Environmental Health
14/02/2017 Public Comment C Houston-Brown
02/02/2017 Public comment V Roe
02/02/2017 Public comment P Jones